Tell Me More About Silver Fox.

He is fifty seven years old, has earned degrees in engineering and business, and has had a worldwide career as a successful entrepreneur and business owner. He has lived in Europe and Asia, and has traveled to over forty countries. To keep he trains and occasionally competes in kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian jiujitsu. He still own and manages a business, and also works part time as a model.

How Did He Get Into Stripping?

Silver Fox had wanted to try stripping in his early 20s, but his professional career took off right after college, and with all his travel was never able to give it a go. Realizing you are never to old to follow your dreams, he began working with Tommy Gun, a professional male stripper and instructor to learn the ropes including the male stripper dance style. His first bachelorette party was a huge success, and he started to get referrals. The rest is history.

What About Costumes, Themes, Customized Experiences?

Silver Fox works with you in advance to tailor his show to you and your audience. He usually performs as a policeman or businessman. Other costumes are available with advance notice. Music playlists are based on the taste of the group and the “special girl”, and can incorporate your favorite songs.

A typical private party includes a three-song lap dance for the special guest, lap dances for all guests who want them, and fun party games for the entire group. This usually runs for about an hour, after which Silver Fox will stay for conversation with the group. With advance notice he can stay and cook breakfast too!

Shows can be PG – no frontal nudity – or get quite a bit wilder, with full frontal nudity and some wild games for the attendees who want to participate.

Where Will He Perform?

Silver Fox lives outside Boston, and will drive to your location in New England, western New York, and New York City. He will also travel to any location in the continental US, with expenses to be determined based on your location and requirements.

How Much?

His booking fee starts at $200 for a one hour event, $500 for an evening, $1000 for a full day. Some options have an additional fee.

How Do I Book?

Just email silverfoxmalestripper@gmail.com to start the booking process, or text 617-580-2624!