Preparing for a Party

The more we know about your party/event in advance, the better prepared both you and I can be to make sure your guests have the best time!

1. Complete the Booking Form in Advance

You will receive an online booking form includes details on the location, date/time, and all contact information all in one place, so there is no confusion on the day of the event. This is also where you make the deposit to secure the date/time.

2. Let Us Know As Much As You Can About Attendees and Expectations

Different audiences have different vibes. A birthday party with both male and female friends/family members may want a quick show to liven up the party. A bachelorette party at an AirBnB will want a longer show followed by party games for the participants. Some may just want to watch, others may want individual dances. You may want the “strip” to stop at briefs, a thong, or a towel. The more we know, the better experience you will have.

3. Have a Sound System Ready to Go

Please have some type of blue-tooth enabled speaker system for music. We can provide you a link to a shared Spotify play list in advance. (If need be we can also stream from a playlist on the dancer’s phone.)

4. Have an Area That Can Be Cleared for the “Main Event”

As part of the show, the special guest will sit on a chair near the front of the room while the entertainer dances and strips for a set of two to three songs. The chair should not have side arms. Make sure there is enough open space so that the entertainer and special guest can move around. Ideally the floor has a wood, vinyl, or similar non-stick surface. Carpeting isn’t ideal, but we can make it work.

5. Tipping

Tipping with dollar bills is a fun activity for many attendees. Make sure you have enough dollar bills available. The host doesn’t need to be responsible for bankrolling all of this, but do have a stack of dollar bills that attendees can exchange larger bills for, or borrow with a promise to pay back. At a smaller bachelorette or divorce party you can budget $20 in singles per attendee. Tipping is an easy way to extend the party time!

6. Comfort and Consent

People will have different comfort levels with a male entertainer in the room. We always ask someone if they are OK with being touched/touching. It work well if audience members who want to interact with the dancer are seated/standing toward the front, and those who prefer to just watch from a distance stay in the back of the room.

Feel free to reach out with questions to or text 617-580-2624!